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For kinder, safer mental healthcare

We are First Do No Harm, a UK-based collective of those who have been harmed at the hands of psychiatric inpatient services. We seek justice, protection for current patients, and reform in children's mental healthcare.


Help us STOP Ivetsey Bank Hospital from expanding provision.


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Children's psychiatric inpatient care is failing.

The current provision for young people in the UK with mental ill health is not only inadequate; it's often actively harmful. We support reform in mental healthcare and aim to protect those who have been, or are currently, admitted to children's psychiatric hospitals. Take a look around our site to hear our stories, learn more about our vision and find out how we can help you.

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Currently inpatient?

If you or someone you love is currently admitted to a children's psychiatric hospital, we've collated the resources and information you may need.

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Who are Huntercombe/ACG?

Huntercombe/Active Care Group, a history from the perspective of ex-patients. View our timeline here.


How can I help?

There are many ways to get involved in our fight for accountability and reform in mental healthcare. Take a look at our current projects here.

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Support for those in the community.

It's incredibly daunting to face life after inpatient care. You can find what's helped us here.


Our Manifesto

We're calling for accountability, justice, action and reform. Take a look at our latest manifesto here.


Our unfiltered, unashamed gallery.

We believe in the power of creativity as a tool for communication and evoking meaningful change. In our Voices gallery, you'll find our members' artwork, poetry, photography and illustration.


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