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For Previous Patients and Families.

At First Do No Harm, we know first-hand the experience of being discharged from inpatient treatment and being transferred or returned to community mental health teams, with no real difference proposed in terms of appropriate or effective support.

We also know that, in many cases, previous patients have had enough of the revolving-door cycles of inpatient to community services and want something different. Many often don't know that there's other options, what's out there, or where to start looking. Others just want to understand their mental health from a non-psychiatric perspective. 

This guide outlines options of support and community for previous patients and families who are looking for something outside of the 'system', or who have already obtained legal documentation and funding (like from your ICB, an EHCP or social care personal budget) and want to find how best to use it.

Not yet obtained appropriate legal documentation and funding, or want to follow the 'system' route? Take a look at our 'The System: A Guide’ page. 

Therapeutics and trauma services

Mental Health Support

Financial support


Education Provision

Missed out on years of education? Want to go to university, but don’t have the traditional qualifications to get you there? Not able to study via the more mainstream routes?



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