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Take action with us.

Whether you want to take an active part in campaigning for change and accountability or want to do what you can from the sidelines, First Do No Harm want you to have your voice heard.

We are always updating this page with new events, campaigns and projects, so check back here for updates.

Ivetsey Bank Hospital, formerly Huntercombe Hospital Stafford, has been granted permission to expand its provision by 12 new beds, and an on-site SEND school.

We need your support

Active Care Group are planning to expand their CAMHS services at Ivetsey Bank Hospital (formerly Huntercombe Stafford). We need your help in standing against further harm of Ivetsey's patients.

Sign our petition to shut Ivetsey Bank down here, and click the button below to learn more about why Ivetsey Bank should not expand, and how you can help prevent more children and young people from suffering.

No more deaths. No more pain. 

Action, petitions and campaigning.


Join us on FaceBook

If you are (or have ever been) admitted to a Huntercombe / Active Care Group child and adolescent mental health unit, or you're the family member of someone who has, join our private Facebook group.


Here, you'll find a community of people who truly understand and a safe place to connect. We host monthly online meetings for our members and run regular support groups too.


Write to your MP

Join us in writing to our MPs to make some noise and get our cause heard in parliament.


Use our template letter to introduce yourself to your local MP under the FDNH banner.

Don't forget to attach Through the Glass Doors and our manifesto to your email. 


Since 2021, Ivetsey Bank has been in 'special measures', meaning it must make improvements within a 6 month time period. Enough is enough. Active Care Group CAMHS units are not safe. This cannot continue. Ivetsey Bank Hospital must be shut down.

Not listening not learning not acting copy.jpg

The Huntercombe Group (now Active Care Group) must acknowledge their responsibly in allowing systemic mistreatment to occur in their units. Change cannot begin when Huntercombe is in denial of the harm they've inflicted on their patients.

Previous and Ongoing Projects

Hope Virgo's march and fight for those with eating disorders.


Image © Hope Virgo, 2023.

We joined Hope Virgo's march in Parliament Square on Saturday 20th May 2023. Learn more about Hope Virgo's incredible work through her twitter account here.

First Do No Harm's protest against the expansion of Ivetsey Bank Hospital.


Some of our members came together to stand against the expansion of Ivetsey Bank Hospital at South Staffordshire council offices. Find out more on our latest blog post, here.

First Do No Harm's open vigil near Taplow Manor in Maidenhead.


Image © Seph Mortimer, 2023.

Dozens of our members held a vigil outside the gates of Taplow Manor in Maidenhead on Saturday 5th August 2023. You can read about the day on our blog, here.

First Do No Harm's 'Open Letter' to the coroner investigating the death of a patient at Taplow Manor.

We've written a letter to Mr Crispin Giles Butler, the coroner holding the inquest into the death of 14-year-old Ruth, who died early last year whilst admitted to Taplow Manor in Maidenhead.

Ruth was supposed to be watched by a staff member at all times to keep her safe, however her one-to-one left her unattended with devastating consequences. This is not the first time a child has died in similar circumstances in a hospital run by Active Care Group, formerly Huntercombe group: in 2017, 17-year-old Mia Titheridge died after not being checked on for over an hour, despite supposedly being on 15 minute observations.

We believe Ruth's death was preventable, and we hope the inquest will acknowledge this too. 

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