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Are you a current patient or carer in need of urgent help?

Guidance, information and links.

We've collated all the knowledge you might need as a current patient, previous patient or family member to empower you to receive the best care you possibly can in any inpatient unit, including Huntercombe/ACG CAMHS units. On this page you'll also find our Tried, Tested and Trusted link list, which contains recommendations for services we've used or who have supported us at First Do No Harm.


The UK's children's psychiatric inpatient hospitalisation system is complex, vague and confusing. It's hard to know what hospitals should be like, and it's difficult to understand who is to blame when things go wrong. We've been collating as much information as we can to help you make sense of what's happening or what's happened when you're hospitalised. 

Our guide to the complicated world of accountability flow, organisational structure and general psychiatric lingo.

There are other ways of understanding mental-ill health, distress and crises outside of a psychiatric view of symptoms, diagnoses and treatment.

What's not okay in hospitals, and what is it that care teams shouldn't do?

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